A feeling heart

Happiness is a feeling from the heart, so only contentment is happiness. A lot of people are successful, there is a rich house but still don’t feel happy, that is because they desire to not really satisfied. Cross flow and impetuous society in the material, in order to get long term happiness that will reduce the heart desire, desire of a person if not controlled, if things go on like this will drift away on the definition of happiness, so the contradiction, anxious and uneasy, in the course of time and even harm and loss to themselves and the society and others. From the word formation, the blessings, and Fukuda people mouth food, their practice in industry field, or is the blessing, namely personal blessing; ten Tong Xin is lucky, lucky – initiates industry field, is happy, that is industry of fupolo shirts on sale.

Life is full of trouble! To calm the mind down, nothing to think, would have no trouble. Just like a stone thrown into water, and numerous living beings in the hear “splash”. A muffled, trouble like ripples, and emerge in an endless stream .

Happiness is always around others, trouble always entangled in his own heart, this is most people think about happiness and trouble. The poor students believe high marks can be no worries, the poor believe money can get happiness. The results are in trouble ‘still troubles, not happy still rare happiness.

“Trouble” is always looking for happy people hit the doomdvd storage!

There are two kinds of happiness:

Like in the mountain, they think the greatest happiness of life at the top of the mountain, so the pant for breath, spent his whole life trying to climb. Only to find out in the end, they will never arrive at the peak, can not see the first. They do not know, happiness this mountain, had no roof, no head Benz GLC.

Another kind is like mountain climbing, but they don’t plan to climb. Stop and go all the way, have a look, the mountain enjoys the rainbow, blow breeze, mind get satisfaction during the relaxation. Though not great pleasure, however, these small and tiny freedom, lingering in the heart, and as sweet, Tian Jing self.

For the mind, striving for a lifetime, if can earn a day of happiness, has achieved the biggest value of life.

Some people have been very happy, looks very upset; some people have trouble, but look very happy.

Live confused, easy happiness; live awake, easily upset. This is because, waking people look too closely, a serious, life will be trouble everywhere; and the confused, care less, although live simple and rough, and therefore find the realm of life.

So the life misery is optional, not worry cannot do without you, but you can’t leave it alone.

In this world, what worries people have. As for money, power, fame, and… Everyone to be in a hurry to depart, the back carrying a heavy bag, put on more, more also. Happiness is not because of who you are, what you have, but only that you yourself to look at how. After the heavy rain, there are two kinds of people, a person looking up at the sky, see is blue and beautiful; a man looking down at the underground silt, see is despair.

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