A blooming ambition

The famous Prince Edward hill “sea eye Chuen,” gushed incessantly, din not rest, down the mountain, to the distant place, the source of the wide river.

Water into lake landscape silhouetted against a sky blue, let visitors praise dermes vs Medilase .

So, Taizi mountain spring water, together in one place, in the twilight tells the vicissitudes, forever in the hearts of the people;

Prince Edward hill in the morning, put a gold arrowheads, pottery carved into a beautiful poem, let the people praise singing.

A huge fountain Everfount exudation, water waves is like the Buddha boiling waterdata centre, and pour water throughout the gathering in a long river, never stop for a moment into the distance.

According to local legend, Prince Edward hill is under the sea, the sea is the sea eyes eyes; some people were detected on the sea eyes, are not aware of the unknown, deep Aobuke measurement.

Some people carried out tests on the water here, to meet the standard, is the natural mineral water, comparable to the farmer mountain spring.

And the three years. The power of the county hard, the sea eye springs into thousands of households, people sincerely praised this feat for the benefit of the popular project the ages to come.

Dongxiang County in Shandong groove depth, years of drought and water shortage, caused great concern in the country travel and tourism news, a Nanyang canal natural moat change thoroughfare, and Zheng eye springs the introduction of the Dongxiang Valley, since then, has changed the people of Dongxiang water shortage in history, a ditch spring water moistens the party people smile.

Guanghe also not resigned to playing second fiddle, founder of monasticism, digging channel buried culvert, the prince is located in the hinterland of the water caused the county seat, a project Xiang Fumin made history.

Then, the prince at the foot of the hill is a cool sweet reservoir, became the most famous beautiful scenery long.

Prince Edward hill is animal, plants, birds of paradise.

Hundreds of miles, all plant and animal kingdom.

Hundreds of birds and animals, daily shuttle in the valley forest, become the Prince Edward hill demon;

Hundreds of flowers and trees, rare medicinal herbs, grow everywhere, become the Prince Edward hill fragrance.

Prince Edward hill green world, green water, green piece; everywhere wild herbs, rare animal infested trees, fragrant grass clumps, wild flowers fragrance, green added fresh feeling.

People here have a spare hunting habits hong kong limited company registration, every winter, heavy snow, people started into the mountains to hunt, the pheasant mountain rabbit back to return to the holiday table, along with the family taste to light the streamer.

The wood charcoal, wood burning stove home days, was banned for many years, people also used charcoal fire years, the people of the hills mountain, plantation grows into a towering trees, green a piece of heaven and earth, restore a bygone style watch.

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